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Signposts From Above

mid-air 2013

As I negotiate Arts-based Educational Research (ABER) and Narrative Inquiry as both past and present forms of research writing, I share a profound moment I had today.  I have been rereading my thesis entitled Estorya Sa (the story of) Mid-Air: From An Artist of Diversity Towards A Teacher for Peace (2005) and revisiting its artful forms embedded in its tapestry of sorts.

Most notably, I’ve been wondering about the images of feathers, wings and the metaphors of Icarus, travel and flight within the thesis.

And today, as I wrote a reflective piece on the thesis, I found a single feather on the balcony near my office.

I suppose I continually negotiate my personal and professional self(ves).

Maybe its indicative of a quill that suggests it is time to write.

There is levity in my current thoughts.

Mid-Air indeed.