Cultural Creatives: Beyond Definitions


(Bautista, Personal Photograph taken in Melbourne, Australia 2008)


Cultural Creatives are the ones who invented the current interest in personal authenticity in America.  Authenticity means that your actions are consistent with what you believe and what you say.  The people in this new subculture prefer to learn new information and to get involved in ways that feel most authentic to them. (p.8)

The kind of learning that Cultural Creatives like is intimate, engaged knowledge that is imbued with the rich, visceral, sensory stuff of life. (p.9)

Cultural Creatives like to get a synoptic view – they want to see all the parts spread out side by side and trace the interconnections. (p.11)


As I begin to read the Ray & Anderson text, I feel a shift in thought and not so much a resounding revelation but moreso, an acute connection.  A prolific light did not come on so to speak but rather a new bulb was placed.  I believe Cultural Creative thought was always there within me and it needed re-illumination.

I believe there are people out there not concerned with status quo and conventionalism.  There are people out there who embrace difference.  There are people out there who live and breathe consciously and conscientiously.

And the more I read the text, the more I believe that they’ve always existed.  There availability or social influence ebbs and flows.

When I take a look around, when I really look at the signs of our times, we have gone too long without their presence.

But it is spring and what better time to expect newness or hope for change.

What better time to meet new people.


Ray, P.H. & Anderson, S.R. (2000). The Cultural Creatives.  New York: Three Rivers Press.