LP7:The Wall

2013-08-18 10.29.39

(Bautista, Personal Photograph, Great Wall Mutianyu, China, August 18, 2013)

A year ago today, August 18,  I was walking the Great Wall of China, the Mutianyu section and revelling in my lone steps.

I remember it was scorchingly sunny. I was wearing my brown baseball cap with the Mustang logo across the front- the same one covering my artistic noggin as I write this.

I remember trying to walk the wall aware of the experience yet frantically trying to capture the moment.

My cellphone battery was barely powered enough to take photos, but I managed.

And that’s it I believe.

No matter the discomfort or the frenetics of a moment, if you remain aware, the moment deeply embeds itself so that upon its recall, you remember the authenticity of your actions.

Changes are coming, I feel them.  Some of them life changing.

But today, at this moment, I am managing my thoughts.  Being aware feels calming.