LP13: Year to Year


(Bautista, Personal Photograph of Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany, January 2006)

Sometimes I set lofty goals for myself and rather than hone in on just one to achieve, I’ve been prone to extending the list of wants and needs.

I’ve always dreamt of having a home – something magnificent.  Something with a great unobstructed view.  Something near water.  Something unique.  Something that reflects my senses of self.  Serenity and solitude.

But to have such a dream fulfilled, you have to work – you have to take initiative, you have to explore, you have to be patient, you have to know and believe it’s deservedly yours – you have to be boundless in your definitions of home.  It’s not enough to just dream of it’s existence – you have to manifest it into reality.

I haven’t found this dream home yet.  Having travelled a great deal, I’ve seen dwellings though that are utterly amazing fulfilling most of the requirements on my wish list except for two.

And it’s not the home that will bring you serenity and solitude – it’s you who do so.

The ideal home is coming but until then I will take care of the hearth within my soul.

I have to fortify the foundations of serenity and solitude.  Another lofty goal.