LP17: What to fight for


(Bautista, Personal Photograph taken 1-17-15)

From Warrior of the Light (2003) by Paulo Coelho:

Even if you are very strong, never be ashamed to feign weakness; this will make your enemy act imprudently and attack too soon. (5)

A Warrior of the Light is never predictable. (11)

A Warrior does not spend his days trying to play the role that others have chosen for him. (11)

The Warrior of the Light does not worry that, to others, his behaviour might seem quite mad. (13)

The Warrior may seem mad, but this is just a disguise. (13)

In order to have faith in his own path, he does not need to prove that someone else’s path is wrong. (17)

A Warrior balances solitude and dependence. (29)

A Warrior of the Light is never in a hurry. (40)

A Warrior of the Light always keeps his heart free of any feelings of hatred. (43)

The Warrior of the Light is always trying to improve. (58)

A Warrior does not try to appear one way or the other, he simply is. (73)

If I can remain true to myself and continue to battle petty banter, gossip mongers, insecurities, white privilege, entitlement, betrayal, delusion, jealousy, envy, frailty, ignorance, fear – in essence all things ego-based then all will be well.

When I look to the light, all is well.