LP26: Becoming

 IMG_20150413_113442(Bautista, a personal photograph, HRM 04-13-2015)

I caught a discussion negotiating mindfulness meditation from Scientist Jon Kabat-Zinn and though most of the talk stayed with me, two key points have really etched their way into my memory bank.

Is there life before death? and Get your sh** together.

To the first question, I do believe I’ve lived – not perfectly but I’m not afraid to make mistakes.  I take risks – I travel to learn- I try to be kind and dig deep when kindness is met with ego.  I don’t know everything but I want to – I will never completely know myself but I will try.  

I am not like everyone else and never wanted to be but learned to play the game to feel accepted and in the process lost myself and now I realize I will never be like anyone else and knowing that will draw recognition from the right people.  That’s what you want in life – to be around the right people, the right energy so more positives will come your way.

I think settling for anything or anyone is indicative of a life half-lived.  I won’t know how I feel about an experience until I experience it.  If it’s wrong then I know.  If it’s right then I know.  Either way, if I remain at bay then I will never live.

And as for the second comment/suggestion, I say “I am and I will and if I find it hard to, I will try again”.

It’s been a rocky 5 years but the worst is over – the best is yet to come.