LP28: To The City


(Bautista, A personal photograph taken in the air, 05-09-2015)

I was on another flight just last week making my way home to Toronto to celebrate with my family my mother’s 80th birthday – the flight from the Halifax airport to the Hamilton airport was relatively uneventful except for the moment I turned to my left to see the cloud formation, the blue skies and the earth below.

For the first time in a long while, I felt like I was going home- like Toronto really felt like home.

I’m only here for a few more days but I spent a couple of hours yesterday walking around the downtown core.  I remembered walking the same route after graduate school classes trying to revive my tired mind that swirled with all of the education theory. It always worked – I always felt better walking around downtown because of the diverse “distractions” – the people, the food, the languages, the styles…

Yesterday, the same energies and feelings took over as I walked around – I long for city life again but I can wait.

I know that I will find my way back to the city and maybe not this city.

But I have to complete my current Maritime stint like waiting at the airport terminal between flights and destinations  – my life lessons and tests are ending here but they are not completely over yet.

The new me knows better than to get ahead of my dreams.

I have to walk beside them.