LP33: Métropolis


(Bautista, personal photograph of the Métropolis night club circa August 1994)

Metropolis -a very large and densely populated industrial and commercial city

In 1994, I ventured to Montreal with the wrong people – self-absorbed and needy – but I am not faultless – I was there with them, wasn’t I?

Like with alike, I suppose.

I remember a lot of bizarre and interesting behaviour – I watched friendships hit critical points – I watched egoic verbal exchanges – I watched someone cheat on his girlfriend – I watched someone stop talking to everyone except me – I watched and listened and absorbed – in retrospect, I did a lot of damage control that first time in Montreal.

I did manage to have Montreal’s famous deli sandwich, try some poutine, shop in Old Montreal, visit the casino, explore the Notre-Dame Basilica, dance in the Métropolis night club – my memory carries much of the mentioned negatives whilst flashing through times at the city’s sights and sounds.

I can’t honestly say I had a great time nor could I say otherwise – I was just there, physically and not spiritually.

I owe it to myself to at least visit the city now that I’ve learned how to embrace the flaneur role – appreciative of art and history and culture and food and music and people – walking in the now.

You never know what you’ll find with your head up and eyes open as you traverse the city –

Perhaps, Rousseau’s amour de soi.