LP35: Perspective

Sky Around

(07-17-2015, A personal photograph of the “ocean”, Bautista)

Sometimes you just need time away in order to remember who you really are – you need distance, you need space but most of all, I strongly believe you need to turn your world upside-down and see what is at the very core of your existence.

When you invert your ordinary world, you begin an extraordinary existence.

3 years ago this month, I chose to do this.  I chose distance, space and inversion to find out who I really am.

I met much hardship and admonishment – I faced scrutiny and disdain – I tore apart foundations of friendship and family.

And I would do it all again because now my world is right – I am hopeful again – I’ve returned to self.

I continually break the patterns of the past to make room for the prospects of my future.

Inverting my present – full of patterns and egoic rituals – has been transformative.

And now the way is clear again.

Above Sky

(Bautista, A personal photograph taken in the air, 07-17-2015)