LP37: Culture Stocked


(Bautista, personal photographs at Indiafest in the HRM, 08-09-2015)

If you can’t be happy where you are, it’s a cinch you can’t be happy where you ain’t―Charles Jones

IndoSignBit of a rainy day here in the HRM but I decidedly ventured down to the Indiafest taking place at the Forum this afternoon. It was a three day festival. I wandered in not knowing what to expect – and there it was.

Reverberating music and authentic dancing, sumptuous smells wafting through the air, colourful garments and kind faces – much to behold for all in attendance.

A grand spectacle it wasn’t nor an over-the-top extravaganza – it was more than this – it was what it needed to be – it was the experience I needed.

It was a reminder of Canada’s diversity – that you don’t have to be the most multicultural and diverse city in the nation to IndoFoodshowcase difference – that even in a modest space and place, people from all walks of life can gather and celebrate.

Today marks the first day in a long time where I feel a sense of belonging again.

I have to be grateful for moments like this because in doing so, more will come.

Today’s energy fills me with hope, too – I’ve a lot to do before I make a big move but right now, I feel all is well.