LP38: Up


(Bautista, personal photographs of the sky taken above the Hamilton ON, August 19, 2015)

Early August was tough – I wanted to get going with my choices, I wanted to move on, I wanted to get settled, I wanted to get ahead – deep senses of urgency for some reason welled up – surfaced – rose from the depths – it’s been a bit much to keep things at bay whilst going about my educator role – distracting – frustrating – drowning – as inconstant as ocean tides.

And then, whilst up in the air again, I realized the pattern:WaterSkies2

To be identified with your mind is to be trapped in time: the compulsion to live almost exclusively through memory and anticipation.  This creates an endless preoccupation with past and future and an unwillingness to honor and acknowledge the present moment and allow it to be. The compulsion arises because the past gives you an identity and the future the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form.  Both are illusions.  – from Eckhart Tolle’s  The Power of Now

I decided to read this book while flying back and forth to Ontario to help me settle my frenetic mind and when I read this passage (originally highlighted in green while on the beaches of Koh Samet in Thailand 2013) there it was, plain as day.

Right now, right here and now, there really is nothing wrong. The past existed and the future is non-existent – there is only the present.

Once I move my thoughts out of the present, I can take my mind down paths of past negativity or future worry.

And for what?

Rather than head down and wallowing, I need to keep my head up in wonder.

Better to take a look around, snap a few pictures of the sky and appreciate the actuality of flying.