Canada Votes 1: The Risk of Change

Vote 1

(Bautista, personal photograph taken at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, HRM, 08-31-2015)

Instead of sitting on my laurels and missing the opportunity to be an informed voter, I am trying to continue a pledge I made to myself about 5 years ago in terms of learning about candidates as much as possible before choosing who will be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Here, in the Atlantic provinces, a few candidates made their appearance in the past week and so, I ventured to “see” them with my own eyes.  I have a keen sense of one’s sincerity, as mentioned in other posts, but politicians namely candidates for Prime Minister are a special force that I have had very little personal contact with – but not this time.

Vote 2

(Bautista, personal photograph taken at the World Trade and Convention Centre, HRM, 08-30-15)

Elizabeth May and Thomas Mulcair held rallies and gave speeches – two very interesting experiences.

I await the arrival of Justin Trudeau before I give my overall impression of this election race.

Stephen Harper was here in August but there was no real announcement of his arrival – I am quite certain I didn’t miss much – what I sense when I listen to him speak in the media is that his ship has sailed.  “Don’t miss the boat” is what comes to mind.

Canada is an extraordinary place  – we need an outstanding person to help our country rebuild our national identity and fortify our international reputation.

If we want to continually set the global standards in socio-cultural practice, in business and education, in humanity and other worldly sectors then we need to get up, become informed about the candidates and choose a strong leader. This is what it means “to vote”.

Plain and simple – we need to vote.

You and I need to vote.