Canada Votes 2: The Time Has Come


(Bautista, a personal photograph of my thesis art piece from 2005, taken 10-02-15)

Justin Trudeau arrived in Halifax a few Sundays ago but I discovered his whereabouts about 5 minutes left into his speech. He and the Liberal Party had their rally at Pier 21, a seaport immigration facility here in Halifax where many immigrants landed starting in 1928 until 1971.  It is now an amazing museum.

I believe it is a fitting place as it reminds many Canadians of the work of Pierre Trudeau, his father and proponent of immigrant influx during his tenure.

My parents clearly remember who helped them build their Canadian dream. In fact, many family members hold the elder Trudeau dear to their hearts.17

At first I was a bit bothered that I wasn’t made aware of the rally but I think most of the candidates aren’t announcing their destinations well in advance.  In fact, for the rallies of Mulcair and May, I had to do my own online research.

I’ve been watching the debates though and following the news.  I’ve been trying to stay informed about the politics and policies of it all – who is pushing which agenda and plan? Who will save Canada financially?  Who will improve our global reputation? Who will restore our job market?

Now that the voting day draws near I think the question is:  Who will fight for all Canadians?

For me, the answer is clear.

It is time to vote.