LP40: Just Watch Me


(Bautista, Personal Photograph taken in the air, 10-20-2015)

For some reason, multiple airs of change, in many forms, took flight this week.

The Trudeau legacy continues with a noteworthy election transpiring and concluding in hopeful change for our country’s politics.

The Toronto Blue Jays as well ebbed and flowed in the idea of change – will they or won’t they?  Their efforts really brought Toronto to the forefront of global recognition in terms of sports – such a great year for the city on the world stage.

And as always, I am open to change because it is a life constant like tides always in motion.  I say this because a huge event happened this week.

On this particular flight to Atlantic Canada as noted in the photograph above, I was not alone.

I travelled with my mother and father and we spent a few days touring the sights and sounds of the Maritimes.

I realized that on this occasion that no matter what the past has done to damage the present, you have to forgive.

Because change is chance and life goes on.  And life can be progressive or it can be stagnant – the choice is yours.