LP41: Pilgramage


(Bautista, personal photograph taken near Rumford, Maine, 10-30-2015)

On my way back to the Maritimes, I drove from Ontario to Quebec and then into Vermont and Maine before the final stretch home from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia. I decided upon a different route – something unfamiliar – new terrain.  Something resembling the changes of the season and I suppose the changes going on in my life.

A road trip on one’s own is always a great way to restart and re-energize – a meditation in motion – journeying inwardly and across lands.  It becomes a pilgrimage of sorts and maybe not towards something but rather towards better spiritual knowledge of self.

Many complain about how tedious a long drive can be but I see it as opportunity and become invigorated.

I see that in my life much has happened these past few years and I am getting better at letting go of people that don’t serve me in terms of my life’s purpose.

I’m also returning to a few people that I’ve missed dearly but when you choose to “go it alone” to discover your self you have to shelve some relationships.  Upon your return, if it was authentic, the person has waited for you and you resume and rekindle the light of your co-existence without hesitation.  It’s good to be remembered.

But I am tired.

Carrying the past is such a heavy burden but I am glad the load has lightened these last few months.

It’s all about the journey and stopping along the way to admire the soulful changes.