LP42: Remembering Gratitude

Remembrace1115 (2)

(Bautista, personal photograph taken at Sullivan’s Pond, HRM Nova Scotia, 11-11-2015)

As I was walking today returning from scheduled memorial services, I thought about the idea of Canada and namely being a Canadian.  To not remember my nationality on a day like today is virtually impossible as signs and symbols proliferate  news media reports every hour on the hour.

Remembrace1115I stood amongst Canadians on this blistery November Day out in the manageable cold for about 45 minutes.  From where I stood, the ceremonial speeches were barely audible and the frequent choppers flying above didn’t help.  I also couldn’t see the actions taking place at the site no matter where I stood because of the crowds so I just faced in the direction of everyone else.

But we stood there, in a moment of silence, all of us, regardless of the clarity and distractions both good and bad.  It was an impressive crowd of diverse Canadians.

I smiled when I caught a few faces and they back at me – I had a few puppies nudge my leg and watched kids joyfully bombard these little creatures with eager hands and grins from ear to ear.  No matter the gray atmosphere nor the muffled speeches, everyone seemed content.  There was a sense that everyone wanted to be there.Remembrace1115 (3)

I started my trek home and took photos as the crowd dispersed.

When I arrived at a stop light, I was standing beside a military officer and said “Thank you for your work”.

It’s a good day to be Canadian and to remember, to acknowledge and to express gratitude.

It’s also a good day to feel connected to fellow Canadians.