LP 43: Resolution


(Bautista, a personal photograph taken in mid-air, 12-25-2015)

Another year has come and gone.

I am 43 years old and lots – events, people, milestones, decades, stories, music, trends, fads, and loves – have come and gone in my life.

A New Year’s resolution is often about making changes or egoic self-promises (quite often temporary or delusional) but after much thought, I remembered the word resolution also means solving a conflict.  With some further searching online, I discovered more definitions of resolution as in a settlement of some kind or the ending to a contentious matter.

I started this post stating my age because this is also my 43rd Life Post. I believe this number alignment to be an omen of my Personal Legend to borrow from Coelho and his famous tale of a shepherd.IMG_20151225_181006

My life is changing, no, it has changed – and more importantly, it continually feels like it’s beginning again.

The recurring rise and fall of the phoenix comes to mind.

At this time and on this day, it is important for me to “close the book” on this chapter, this blog adventure, at least in terms of writing something every month without fail – I counted – I wrote at least one entry consecutively for the past 28 months.

There are posts before these 28 but they were sporadic. And like most things when we look back at past thoughtful actions – they seem done by someone else because the author has changed.  He has – I’ve evolved.

I am not sure when I will be back to this forum of artful writings – this online gallery of soul searching  and spiritual dis/re-connection.  I feel though that I need to let this go so I can attempt other written pieces and artful pursuits – forms and actions I put aside while I regained personal and professional consciousness.

IMG_20151225_181037I may never return here.

It doesn’t matter because within this solution or settlement or ending of sorts, a new tide begins, as it should.

To mark this occasion, I am doing something that always brings me feelings of joy and serenity.

I will be in mid-air at midnight as the new year arrives.

Thank you for indulging my senses.

As always, when life spirals downwards, look up to the skies.