A Year for Artistry


(Bautista, a personal photograph, 12-29-2016)

This is not a New Year’s resolution – my last post which is also the first post of 2016 explains that stance.

For the first day of 2017, I make an artistic proclamation.

I have made a return.

Nothing that simple mind you nor is it just about locale though I have left the Maritimes.

For now, the year that passed has led me here.  I return to artistry. I energize my creative faculties. I seek opportunities to work with other artists.

But before I make too many lofty claims, I start with renewing my writing self.

  • My finished novel from a few years ago will be published or it will be revised into a film script.
  • I attempt academic writing for publication.
  • I enroll in creative writing courses here in Ontario.
  • I found a place to write – for now.
  • I will continue to look for a writing home – for later.

My creativity will permeate pages and writing tasks once again – including this online one.

There is motion to my pen – there is artistry afoot.

I remember and respect my writing past.

With this post, I forge my writing future.