LP 44: Toronto Rocks!

(Bautista, a personal photograph, 6-20-2017)

I took this photo from the sky as I left the city for another Canadian destination a few weeks ago – no reason, no purpose and no real motivation for the picture-taking – at the time.

But having lived a trying few days whilst on my journey – feeling very much unCanadian in a Canadian place – I know perhaps why the instinct prevailed.

It’s Canada Day today – and we’ve come along way as a nation but there are miles to go.

We don’t live in a perfect world – a perfect Canada – I know this. ¬†Toronto, too, is far from perfect.

But I always say, I’d rather be closer to perfection than farther away.

I looked at this photo last night, walked the city streets today to fuel my Canadian spirit and believe there is hope again in my weary Canadian self.

Happy Canada Day one and all – in every community across the country.